Monday, July 27, 2015

I wonder if grandmother had FMS...

I have been thinking about my paternal grandmother (my father's mother), and whether she might have had Fibromyalgia. 

She died in 1956 at age 66, so I never knew her. In her photos, even the photos of her when she was younger - show her as fairly large - as in width - for the times. 

I know she was somewhat of a medical mystery, and my father blamed "her quack doctor" for a lot of her health problems. I know that the cause of death on her death certificate was Athlerosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and it came from poorly managed high blood pressure.

In her photos, she looks like a nice lady, but older than her age, and probably in pain. The look on the face is familiar. The look of pain, but trying to cope.

We blame many of our health problems today on our modern foods. My grandmother was born in 1890 or so. I doubt she ever ate a Pop Tart in her life.

Do I have proof she had Fibromyalgia? No. I wish I had some letters written by her - anything like that. But all I have are photos.  My father said she was very religious & her second husband was a rough character. So I can't imagine that helped her health very much.

Her daughter - my elderly aunt, has heart problems and terrible peripheral neuropathy. All related? I think so.

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